MASIA Admissions

Asia as a region is increasingly becoming a more potent actor in the world at large. The region’s economic influence is becoming more deeply felt, its political power more strategically crucial.

Home to almost half the world’s population, the source of much of the world’s consumer goods, and containing some of the world’s most ancient and enduring civilizations, Asia’s current role in the politics of religion, business, diplomacy, security, communications, and popular culture is undeniably important.

The M.A. in Asian Studies at Georgetown University provides students with an opportunity to study the dynamics of Asia. Students will discover a unique post-graduate experience whether they seek regional expertise, functional training, or disciplinary study in preparation for a doctoral degree. Students will have the opportunity to study core disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences as they relate to Asia. Students will also be given the opportunity to specialize in at least one and potentially two areas of concentration. A thesis option is available. This innovative balance of traditional area studies and functional training offers students a package of scholarly expertise and substantive skills that will enhance the intellectual value and marketability of their degree.