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Jason Jaemin Anthony

Jason Jaemin Anthony, MASIA '19

“While at Georgetown, I intend to strengthen my professional network while applying my language training in Korean and Spanish. Having worked with both immigrant and refugee populations domestic and abroad, my main goal is to enter the foreign service and aid North Korean refugees in their resettlement process in the United States and in South Korea.” -Jason Bartlett, MASIA ’19
Headshot of Ryan

Ryan Artze, MASIA '20

“In the MASIA program, I hope to learn from some of the best scholars and former policy advisors on North Korea about what went wrong in the past and what can be done going forward.”

Headshot of Daniel

Daniel Aum, MASIA '20

In the MASIA program, I hope to gain a proper theoretical framework underlying international relations and US foreign policy towards Asia, learn from Georgetown’s elite cohort of scholar-practitioners on how to apply that theory to practice, and enjoy learning alongside motivated colleagues who have unique passions and perspectives to bear.

Carolina Barcella

Carolina Barcella, MASIA '19

“Georgetown will help me to further enhance my knowledge on Asia’s social and economic development while also improving my knowledge of the Chinese language. My aim is to better understand Asian development and find a common ground of discussion between Asia and the world to develop mutually beneficial development strategies.”
Headshot of David

David Blechman, MASIA '20

I chose MASIA to gain an in-depth theoretical understanding of Asia’s political economy, especially in regards to China’s strategic interests in the Asia Pacific region, with the goal that I can than leverage this into a practical future in policy development.

Marina Booth headshot

Marina Booth, MASIA '19

“I want to become fluent in Korean, to learn more about the Northeast Asia policy community here in D.C., and to start what I hope will be lifelong research into my academic interests as they relate to the Korean Peninsula. My interests include civil society and country development, collective unconsciousness and cultural mythos, and the US-ROK alliance dynamics.”
Headshot of George

George Bradshaw, MASIA '20

Through the MASIA program, I intend to strengthen my theoretical and practical understanding of political and social structures to look at how demand for and supply of energy and natural resources shapes Asian communities. I want to embed this understanding within a broader appreciation of Asian security and through this be in a position to understand the resource conflicts of the future.

Natasha Burrows headshot

Natasha Burrows, MASIA '19

“I am interested in how Australia and America engage with the countries of Asia, particularly from an economic and political perspective. I believe that Australian economic and strategic interests are intimately tied to developments in Asia. I hope to use my Georgetown education to further my knowledge of the region and learn from experts.”
Headshot of Benjie

Benjamin Canady, MASIA '20

“With the guidance of MASIA’s distinguished faculty, I seek to establish a deeper understanding of the history, politics, and culture of East Asia in order to foster good relationships with both Japan and South Korea”

Chia-Chi Chen headshot

Chia-Chi Chen, MASIA '19

“I seek to further my understanding of politics and security issues in the Asia-Pacific and build regional expertise. With outstanding faculty, like-minded peers, and a great location, Georgetown is definitely the ideal place for me.”