Director’s Speaker Series

The Asian Studies Program’s Director’s Speaker Series events are moderated by ASP Director Dr. Michael Green. The series invites all students, faculty, and staff to attend roundtable sessions which include time for discussion and question-and-answer. From journalists and public servants to noted scholars in the field, the speakers share their knowledge and insight on critical issues in East, South, and Southeast Asia and how they relate to U.S. policy.

Lunch with an Ambassador

Every academic semester, the Asian Studies Program hosts several distinguished U.S. and foreign ambassadors to share their expertise in the field of foreign policy and offer advice to students who are interested in pursuing careers in the diplomatic service. During this interactive session, students are encouraged to ask questions and exchange perspectives. Past speakers in this series include Ambassadors of China, Japan, Korea, India, and Pakistan, U.S. Ambassador to the Asian Development Bank, and former senior officials at the U.S. Department of State, such as Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research.

Theory and Policy in Asia

The Theory & Policy in Asia series aims to bridge the gap between the conceptual and practical aspects of scholarship and policymaking concerning Asia. First, it provides scholars the opportunity to explain their work to the public policy world. Second, it serves as a unique venue for policymakers—a thoughtful academic environment outside the crush of daily time pressures—to discuss their vision and policies. The Theory & Policy in Asia series has been one of the most well-attended seminars at Georgetown University. The series has drawn a great deal of interest from both inside and outside the university community, as it presents guests with a rare opportunity to hear policymakers speak off-the-record and have a genuine conversation about the ideas that drive policy. Past speakers in this series include former senior Asia advisors at the White House, the Secretary-General of ASEAN, negotiators for the Six-Party Talks, senior advisor to the Japanese Prime Minister, and former Prime Minister of Australia.

Critical Issues in Contemporary China

The Critical Issues in Contemporary China series examines numerous issues related to China in the broader context of international politics. For example, what are some implications of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong for Taipei and other surrounding neighbors in the region? What are the challenges and opportunities presented to the United States and the world as a result of China’s rapid rise? This series is part of Georgetown University’s growing engagement with China.

Georgetown India Initiative

The Georgetown India Initiative is a new initiative launched to address India’s growing significance in global affairs. The India Initiative features the multitude of domestic and international challenges and opportunities facing India today as well as the greater South Asia region. Past speakers in this series include the members of the Indian Parliament, chief negotiator for India at the United Nations climate summit, and former Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir. The Georgetown-India Dialogue series is part of the university’s growing engagement with India.

Meet the Author

Meet the Author is a series of book talks hosted by the Asian Studies Program at Georgetown University. This important series highlights emerging scholarly works on Asia by inviting authors to campus to deliver presentations, and to hold discussions with our students and faculty. In the previous years, the series featured new publications on Asia by Georgetown University’s junior faculty, best-selling books covering topics related to Asia written by journalists, and reports on special issues, such as human rights in North Korea, by prominent think tanks in Asia.

Arts & Humanities of Asia

The Arts & Humanities of Asia series promotes the study of Asian history, literature, art, and music. Through the lens of arts and humanities, we are able to better understand the richness and complexity of various Asian cultures and societies. For this series, the Asian Studies Program often collaborates with Georgetown’s humanities departments and programs, such as the Department of History and Department of Anthropology, in order to offer students a more robust and well-rounded understanding of the region.

UTStarcom Distinguished Lecture on Asia

The UTStarcom Distinguished Lecture on Asia series features the best Asia scholars and their work. The series aims to provide a platform for some of the newest work by senior scholars and “rising stars.” Whether it is a new path-breaking article in a disciplinary journal or a forthcoming book, the series brings top scholars in the field for a formal lecture followed by continued informal discussions over a social evening in Georgetown. In particular, this series seeks to provide scholars outside the Washington, D.C. area with the chance to present their work to the varied audience of academics, policy experts, and international journalists who are often in attendance on the Hilltop. Previous events in this series have covered topics as diverse as historical apologies in Asia, the future of India, and climate change in Asia.