Students must have at least one year of university level language training in an Asian language with a grade of B or above in order to enter the program. Students must demonstrate proficiency in an Asian language at the completion of the program by:

  • successful completion with a grade of B+ or better of advanced language study equivalent to third year at Georgetown or a comparable language program during their time in the M.A. in Asian Studies Program; or
  • specified grade of proficiency in US Government or equivalent language testing while as a graduate student at Georgetown; or
  • pass a proficiency test at Georgetown University; or
  • successful completion of other testing approved by the Director of Asian Studies and the Chair of the Department of East Asian Languages and Culture.

Upon arrival at Georgetown, all students planning to further their language studies will be required to participate in a language placement exam. Advanced language learners who wish to test out of continued language study while at Georgetown must pass a proficiency exam to satisfy the language requirement. Native speakers of an Asian language, as determined by the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures and the Director of Asian Studies, are considered exempt from the language proficiency requirement.