Current Issue

Volume 3 | Number 1 | September 2016


Policy Forum

  • Non-Traditional Security: Concept, Issues, and Implications on Security Governance by Mely Caballero-Anthony
  • Preparing for Pan-Epidemics of Urban Yellow Fever: Need for More Vaccine from Eggs and Cell Culture by Daniel Lucey
  • The Strategic and Tactical Implications of the Islamic State on Southeast Asia's Militant Groups by Zachary Abuza
  • Maritime Security Deficits and International Cooperation: Illegal Fishing, Piracy, and Maritime Security Deficits in Southeast Asia by Derek Reveron
  • Water Security in South Asia: Between State and Society by Majed Akhter
  • Transboundary Haze and Human Security in Southeast Asia: National and Regional Perspectives by Helena Varkkey
  • Willing and (Somewhat) Able: Japan's Defense Strategy in Graying Asia by Jennifer Dabbs Sciubba
  • Migration for Human Security? The Contribution of Translocality to Social Resilience by Patrick Sakdapolrak, Harald Sterly & Kayly Ober


  • Revisionist Religion: Xi Jinping's Suppression of Christianity and Elevation of Traditional Culture as Part of a Revisionist Power Agenda by Anna Scott Bell
  • Ethno-Demographic Dynamics of the Rohingya-Buddhist Conflict by Rachel Blomquist


  • State of the Field: China Studies in the Past, Present, and Future by David Shambaugh
  • THAAD and the Military Balance in Asia by Mark Fitzpatrick
  • Australia's Strategy in Contemporary Asia by Andrew Shearer
  • One Belt, One Road: A View from Hong Kong by Simon Shen